Guidelines for submitting papers in Inspera

Before the exam

1. You are responsible for checking assessment notifications and candidate numbers in Studentweb within the registration deadline of 1 September/1 February.

2. You must check Canvas and Studentweb to find out the date and time of the exam.

3. In the event of errors or omissions in the exam registration, you must notify the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. If you have to withdraw from the exam, you should do this in Studentweb no later than two weeks before the exam – in order to avoid using up one of your three attempts.

4. It is your responsibility to safeguard the technical aspects of downloading and uploading exams in Inspera. To check that your technical equipment is working, and to avoid stress during submission, you should test your equipment and Inspera before the exam. We recommend that you log on to Inspera and take a DEMO exam no later than one week before the real exam. Log in via FEIDE – use the same username and password as for Canvas.

5. Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is not used for take-home exams and other submissions. This allows you to use other tools during the exam. 

During the exam

1. If you have the capability, you should use a wired network to ensure a stable internet connection.

2. You are registered as present at the exam when you log in to Inspera at the start of the exam.


3. The person with academic responsibility will be available in Canvas between 9.30 am and 10.30 am on the day the paper is released to answer written questions on the formulation of the exam paper. If you have any questions for this person outside the given time period, you can send them to the person in student administration who is responsible for the exam in question. This person’s contact details are published in Canvas before the exam for the relevant course.

4. If, during the exam period, information comes to light that all candidates ought to be aware of, a text message will be sent to all candidates urging them to check the new information in Canvas.

5. You must submit the answer paper in a single PDF file, unless otherwise specified. This means that all attachments must be included within the same document. 

6. After the submission deadline, you cannot generally resubmit all or part of the answer paper. It is therefore important that you remember to save your work continuously and also take a backup.

We encourage students to log in to Inspera and submit their work well before the deadline. Technical problems are not in themselves grounds for late submission. However, you should note the following: 

a) If you experience technical problems due to a third party, and this compromises your ability to complete the exam, you must report this to the support service on 55 53 69 99, or send an email to Remember to give your student identity number.

b) If you have problems with the actual submission of the answer paper, you must report this immediately to the person in student administration who is responsible for the exam in question, and state what the problem is.

9. Take-home exams and other exams submitted in Inspera must be independent and individual works, unless otherwise stated in the course plan. Candidates are permitted to talk to other students during the course of their work, but NLA University College strongly recommends refraining from sharing notes and other text during the exam period. Examination offences and attempts at such are considered a breach of trust in relation to fellow students and NLA, and may constitute grounds for annulment of the answer paper/exam result and/or exclusion for up to two semesters. 

a. When submitting exams, students must be careful to make a clear distinction between their own formulations and those of others. If students present someone else’s work without referencing the source, this will be considered an examination offence (plagiarism).

b. All work delivered via Inspera is submitted to a plagiarism checker. NLA University College also carries out manual plagiarism checks if an examination offence is suspected. 

After the exam

1. When the exam is finished, select ‘Archive’ in Inspera’s menu to check for confirmation that the answer paper has been submitted. Prior to the exam deadline, there will only be confirmation that your work is saved.

2. Exam results can be found in Studentweb, under ‘Access > Results’. Results will normally be available three weeks after the exam.

3. The deadline for submitting a request for an explanation of your grade is one week from the examination result was announced. You must submit the request on the relevant online form: Explanation of grade and appeals - NLA. The explanation will be provided as soon as possible, and normally within two weeks. However, it may take longer during holiday periods.

4. You can appeal your grade. You will find the online appeals form here: Explanation of grade and appeals - NLA. It is not necessary to request an explanation of your grade first. The deadline for appealing your grade is three weeks from the examination result was announced. If you have asked for an explanation of your grade, the appeal deadline is three weeks after this was provided.

The guidelines are based on the Regulations governing studies at NLA University College:
Temporary regulations concerning the supplement to the regulations on studies at NLA University College: