Computer rooms

No changes may be made to the computer setup. Computers may also not be moved to other rooms.

Key areas in the buildings are covered by a wireless network and you log in via your normal user account.

The computer room is a room for working/reading in, so it must be quiet. Mobile phones must be in silent mode and no food or drink may be brought into the computer room.


The location of computer rooms


Auditorium 3, 1st floor (2. etg) in the main building


Public work stations


In the foyer, opposite the reception desk at Sandviken

In the corridor on the 2nd floor (3. etg.)


In the foyer in building D (next to the copier/printer)

In the library on the ground floor (1. etg.) in building E



There is a charge of NOK 0.75 per page for printing out from the university college computers. Read more about printing out and copying here.