Tools and user support

NLA University College offers students a number of IT services. Read more about our individual offers on these pages.

Activating user accounts

All new students who accept an offer of a place at NLA University College have a user account automatically created for them. The account must be activated by the student him/herself.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose activate/forgot my password 
  3. Key in your national ID number, student number and PIN. Your student number (which is also your user name) and PIN can be found on the invoice for your tuition and semester fees. Create your own password.
  4. Read and accept the IT Regulations and click OK.

Once your password is approved (set), your user account will be ready to use after about one hour. You can use your user account to log into wireless networks at the university college, workstations at the PC lab, itslearning and Feide services.


You determine your own password when you establish (activate) your user account. You have the same user name and password for all IT services at the university college and for all external services that support FEIDE.

If you want to change your password, you can do so on passordweb (the password web). It can take up to an hour for all the systems to be updated to use your new password.

The password must:

  • Contain at least 8 characters
  • Contain both letters and numbers or signs (not æ, ø, å, ü, etc)

The password must not:

  • Be derived from your user name
  • Be a word in a dictionary
  • Be a word spelled backwards
  • Be a word surrounded by numbers or signs (such as secret1, 1secret, secret?, secret!)


Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can choose to reset it using your national ID number, student number and PIN on the password web (passordweb).

 Storage opportunities

The university college's computers have the following storage opportunities

  • L: common data area for all students
  • "One Drive-NLA Høgskolen" – cloud storage service via Office 365
  • My documents (personal storage space). No backup is taken of this area.

We recommend using "One Drive - NLA Høgskolen" to store personal files. In OneDrive, you get 1TB for storing and backing up documents and work. Here, you can store your files, create new documents, edit and work with other people. Fully integrated with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

Contact IT

The IT department has manned support all weekdays from 8am until 3pm. Contact them by email or call (+47) 55 53 69 99.