Access to Pressreader: Get digital newspapers and magazines from anywhere.



All students and staff at NLA now have access to a wide variety of national and international newspapers and magazines through Pressreader. There is IP access when you are on campus, but if you are at home or elsewhere, you need to use eduVPN.

The service provides access to a range of national and international newspapers and magazines, such as Aftenposten, Fedrelandsvennen, The Guardian, El País and the Forbes.

Using Pressreader is easy. If you're on campus and using a mobile device, you can connect to the network and then access Pressreader from your browser. Once you've accessed Pressreader, you can continue to scroll through publications for up to 7 days, even if you're no longer on the NLA network.

If you want to take advantage of other features, such as autotranslate, downloading publications, or saving them for later viewing, you can create a free account. And for even more convenience, you can download the Pressreader app to your mobile device.