Science Education Research Group

The Science Education Research Group works with R&D projects that focus on issues associated with science didactics. 


The research group mainly consists of academic staff at NLA in Bergen and Oslo, but external researchers and teachers are also welcome to participate.

Heidi I. Saure (head of the research group), Associate Professor 
John Skartveit (deputy head of the research group), Associate Professor 
Alette Aa. Rolland, Assistant Professor 
Endre Knudsen, Associate Professor 
Geir Olav Toft, Assistant Professor 
Marit H. Lie, Associate Professor 
Sigve Ladstein, Associate Professor 
Ellinor Kvamen, Teacher at the Danielsen Lower Secondary School, Osterøy 

Work of the research group

The research group meets approximately once every month. Relevant research topics are: 

  • Exploratory forms of teaching and active learning
  • Learning potential in practical work in a natural setting
  • Technology in schools
  • Dissemination of science in early learning
  • What is a good teacher? 
  • Sustainability 
  • Use of models in science teaching


Head of the research group: Heidi I. Saure 
Vice Rector for Research and Development: Torgeir Landro