Business Education in the Legacy of Hans Nielsen Hauge

Cathrine Borgen and Bruce R. Dalgaard

In O.H. Grytten and T. Liland (ed.): In the legacy of Hans Nielsen Hauge. Entrepreneurship in Economics, Management, Education and Politics. Bodoni forlag 2021.

250 years ago, Hans Nielsen Hauge travelled throughout Norway preaching sermons of empowerment through a spiritual awakening imbued with an economic and social reformist entrepreneurial spirit. Both the spiritual and the economic components of Hauge’s message required him to incorporate an educational strategy to ensure his message was understood and his proposed actions could be implemented. This paper explores elements from Hauge’s legacy that inform a value-based approach to business education in Norway. Our work will illustrate how the legacy of Hauge implies epistemological and ontological perspectives that challenge traditional pedagogical approaches to business education. The paper then illustrates practical means to incorporate these approaches as they have taken shape in the formation of the Hauge School of Management.