COVID-19 among the Pakistani immigrant population in Northern Europe - Incidence and possible causes for infection

Ursula S. Goth, m.fl.

(Publisert i Journal of Migration and Health, vol. 6, 2022)

Data from several North European countries have indicated that the Pakistani immigrant populations have higher mortality, higher hospitalization rates and higher infection rates from COVID-19 than the majority populations. Therefore the aim of the study was to examine challenges faced by the Pakistani migrant community in Oslo during the pandemic.

Our interview data from Norway showed that information from the authorities was insufficient and not adapted to the needs of the minority population, especially in the early phases of the pandemic. Furthermore, information was not available in the common minority languages of the country. Another finding indicates that health literacy, particularly regarding COVID-19, seemed to be low in the Pakistani minority, and COVID-19 was not considered as a threat in Norway before death rates began rising in Pakistan.

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