Impact of Improper Storage of ChAdOx1-S (AstraZeneca) Vaccine on Its Efficacy and Safety

Anatoliy Goncharuk, m.fl.

(Publisert i Vaccines, vol. 11, 2022)

The paper aims to contribute to the body of knowledge concerning the efficacy and safety of the ChAdOx1-S (AstraZeneca) vaccine concerning the requirements for cold supply chain specification. The authors did not observe any COVID-19 infections in either the control or examined group for half a year after the incident. People from each group reported that local and systemic adverse events occurred directly after the first and second doses. There were no severe or fatal adverse events. There were no significant differences between the groups, besides the fatigue, after the second dose. Hence, AstraZeneca vaccine ChAdOx1-S stored at 21 degrees centigrade for 18 h before vaccination has the same safety profile (p < 0.05) and the same efficacy (p < 0.05) as the vaccines stored in conditions recommended by the producer.

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