Leading through service, stewardship and suffering: Servant leadership in the life of Hans Nielsen Hauge

Truls Liland

(Publisert i Scandinavian Journal for Leadership & Theology, vol. 11, 2024)

In this article, the leadership of Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771–1824), the founder and main figure of the significant Haugean movement in Norway during the 1800s, will be explored through the lens of servant leadership theory. More specifically, a theoretical framework described and developed by van Dierendonck will be systematically utilized to understand the legacy of Hans Nielsen Hauge better, especially as it relates to his leadership and people development. Thus, three broad questions will be asked: (1) How can Hauge's role as a leader and role model be understood? (2) What are some important characteristics of his leadership thinking and practice, also based on his followers' perceptions? (3) To what extent can servant leadership theory provide a deeper understanding of Hauge's leadership?

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