Missio Dei: Is there any common ground?

Rolf Kjøde

(Publisert i Mission Studies 39 (2022)

Missio Dei has become a common and valued expression in most wings of the church.
To what extent do we mean the same thing when we use this term? This article explores
the understanding of the concept missio Dei in contemporary conciliar and evangelical
contexts, with special emphasis on The Cape Town Commitment and Together
towards Life. Although missio Dei has had a turbulent life with diverse definitions and
connected interests in the relatively short time span of the term, there seems to be a
growing convergence in its usage. This common ground is primarily connected to the
change from an ecclesiocentric to a Trinitarian paradigm of mission and to understanding the kingdom of God as the goal of mission. There are, however, differences in the documents, and these are evident in the relative emphases they give to the centrality of Christ and the role of the Spirit.