Physical Activity and Nutritional Pattern Related to Maturation and Development

Luca Paolo Ardigò m.fl.

(Publisert i Sustainability nr. 24, 2022)

In order to better understand the implications of physical activity and nutrition in child development, we conducted the present narrative with the aim to analyze the physical activity and nutritional patterns related to maturation and development. To reach our study objective, a consensus and critical review were conducted by analyzing primary sources such as academic research and secondary sources such as databases, web pages, and bibliographic indexes following procedures of previous critical narrative reviews. 

We found that physical activity and nutrition are basic pillars for the correct development and maturation of the child. Factors associated with development as a species such as breastfeeding, the correct intake of micro- and macronutrients, and the performance of both passive and active physical activity will modulate the correct motor and cognitive development in preschool age, childhood, and adolescence.

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