Students in Early Childhood Teacher Education and Their First Experience With Problem-Based Learning: A Comparative Study From the Perspective of Students in Kyrgyzstan and Norway

Grete Skjeggestad Meyer, Ingunn Reigstad og Laila Serikova

(Publisert i Journal of Problem-Based Learning vol.11, nr 3, 2023)

This comparative study examines how students from Early Childhood Teacher Education in Kyrgyzstan and Norway value their first experience with Problem-Based Learning. 
The research is important because there are few if any studies focusing on PBL in Early Childhood Teacher Education (ECTE), and little use of PBL as a basic norm in Kyrgyzstan. Our data consists of students’ anonymous, written, open-ended questionnaires. These are analysed by means of qualitative content analysis. We found evidence that students value collaboration, and in this report, we describe their experiences with the PBL-method and suggest some implications for the quality of learning. We discuss and compare similarities and differences in students’ experiences in light of cultural differences.