The Influence of Burpee on Endurance and Short-Term Memory of Adolescents

Georgiy Polevoy, Florin Cazan, Johnny Padulo, Luca Paolo Ardigò

(Publisert i International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, nr. 18, 2022)

This research investigated the effect of the Burpees exercise on the endurance and the short-term memory of adolescents aged 15-16 yrs. Subjects attended a coeducational school in Kirov (Russia). Research lasted four months. A control group was involved in a typical physical education program (grade 9), whereas an experimental group performed the Burpee in place of some typical class' activity. As a result, the experimental group improved significantly both endurance and short-time memory, whereas the control did not improve any of them. It can be therefore advisable to include the Burpee in physical education classes to improve endurance and short-time memory at the same time.

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