The role of teacher actions for students’ productive interaction solving a linear function problem

Ellen Kristine Solbrekke Hansen

(Publisert i International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, nr. 3, 2022)

Many studies in mathematics education have emphasized the importance of attending to students’ interactions, particularly, their mathematical reasoning when collaborating on solving problems. However, the question of how teachers can facilitate students’ productive interactions for learning mathematics, is still a challenging one. This case study aims to provide detailed insights into opportunities and limitations related to teachers’ actions for the productivity of students’ interactional patterns solving a linear function problem together. Four student-pairs in the first year of upper secondary school (11th grade) serve as a background on students’ interactional patterns, which in this study focused on three interactional aspects: collaborative processes, mathematical reasoning, and exercised agency. The student-pairs’ three teachers provide insights on teacher actions observed as different funneling and focusing actions, which elucidated opportunities and limitations in several situations influencing the productivity of students’ interactional patterns

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