Track Running Shoes: A Case Report of the Transition from Classical Spikes to “Super Spikes” in Track Running

Luca Paolo Ardigò, m.fl.

(Publisert i Applied Sciences, vol. 12, 2022)

Research on high-tech running shoes is increasing but few studies are available about the use of high-tech track spike shoes (super spikes), despite their growing popularity among running athletes. The aim of this case study was to investigate kinematics, kinetics and plantar pressures of an Olympic running athlete using two different types of shoes, to provide an easy and replicable method to assess their influence on running biomechanics. The tested athlete performed six running trials, at the same speed, wearing a pair of normal spikes shoes (NSS) and a super spikes shoe (SSS), in random order. Super spikes shoe increased contact time, vertical impact and swing force, while it reduced foot-strike type and vertical ground reaction force rate. Moreover, a significant change was observed in medial and lateral load, with SSS inducing a more symmetrical load distribution between the left and right feet compared to the NSS. The results of this case study suggest the importance of using individual evaluation methods to assess in running athletes shoe adaptations, which can induce biomechanical modifications and should be considered by coaches to ensure optimal running performance.

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